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Bram Stoker - Rock Paranoia

Cat. No:  DGMX113

Bram Stoker Digimix Records Ltd
Bram Stoker - About The Band

DGMX113 Bram Stoker (c) 2007 Digimix Records Ltd01. Born to be Free (P.Ballam)
02. Poltergeist (A.Bronsdon/P.Ballam/J.Bavin)
03. Blitz (A.Bronsdon/P.Ballam/J.Bavin)
04. Ants (A.Bronsdon)
05. Collusion Illusion (A.Bronsdon/P.Ballam)
06. Idiot (P.Ballam)
07. Fingal's Cave (A.Bronsdon)
08. Extensive Corrosion (P.Ballam)
09. Scarborough Fair (Bronsdon/Ballam/Bavin)
10. Fast Decay (A.Bronsdon)

All tracks published by Panama Music Library (mcps/prs)

About The Album

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Toots Earl and Clown

About the album, Toots Earl & Clown

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01 Sa Saturday night (A. Hodgson)
02 Big Sleep 2018 (A. Hodgson)
03 Chooseday (A. Hodgson)
04 Reality V (A. Hodgson)
05 Count me out (A. Hodgson)
06 There goes another one Pa (A. Hodgson)
07 Some are lost (A. Hodgson)
08 Queen of the halls (A. Hodgson)
09 Why? (A. Hodgson)
10 Three point turn (A. Hodgson)
11 Julio (A. Hodgson)
12 Last years woman (A. Hodgson)
13 Happy (A. Hodgson)
14 Who told you that? (A. Hodgson)
15 Don't tell her it was me (Hodgson)
16 Night flight (A. Hodgson)
17 Should have seen it coming (Hodgson)
18 Cosmic Cabaret (A. Hodgson)

All songs published by Scamp Music(mcps/prs)

Cat. No:  DGMX 502

Toots Earl and ClownToots Earl and Clown - Cosmic Cabaret

About the album, Toots Earl & Clown

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01 Ringside 07 (A. Hodgson)
02 Don't Irk me! (A. Hodgson)
03 Never Love a Stranger (A. Hodgson)
04 I Can Fly (A. Hodgson)
05 Better Days (A. Hodgson)
06 Nothing is Better (A. Hodgson)
07 Cosmic Cabaret (A. Hodgson)
08 Rumania (A. Hodgson)
09 Sweetway (A. Hodgson)
10 Should Have Left (A. Hodgson)
11 Lord of the Ringside (A. Hodgson)
12 Forever Yours (A. Hodgson)

All songs published by Scamp Music (mcps/prs)

Cat. No:  DGMX504














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